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What is it all about?

The Rotary Club of Lake Norman Huntersville is a group of dedicated business and community leaders focused on philanthropic activities, both locally and internationally. Rotarians leverage their time, talents and treasures toward making the Lake Norman community a better place for all. Download the brochure to learn more about us.

Founding Principles

A founding principle and vision of Rotary International, a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, was to provide ways for business men and woman to leverage their resources toward charitable causes, both large and small. Examples include the installation of public rest room facilities on the streets of Chicago to the global vision of eradicating Polio in our time. Rotary Clubs were formed to broaden this vision.  As the oldest service club in the world, Rotary club members represent a cross-section of the community’s business owners, executives, managers, political leaders, and professionals – people who make decisions and influence policy toward the goal of financially supporting worthy service within their respective communities. 

Service Opportunities within the Rotary Club of Lake Norman - Huntersville

Club members have many opportunities for giving. Community issues such as childhood mortality, health care, hunger, poverty, illiteracy, clean water, and the environment are but a few of the critical needs in our community. Whether giving time or money toward the charitable needs, Rotarians experience the fulfillment that comes from giving back to the community. 

The Foundation

Critical to the success of Rotary International is The Rotary Foundation. It provides the life-support for all Club philanthropic activities. Similarly, the Rotary Club of Lake Norman – Huntersville, supports the Foundation through its charitable giving and expands its fund raising efforts exponentially by leveraging local funds with international Foundation funds. The Club recognizes the importance of the Foundation in all its charitable giving and is seeking separate non-profit tax designation to further enhance its giving programs. 

Family Foundations

Rotary sponsors some of the world’s largest youth exchange, educational exchange, and scholarship programs.  Rotary clubs provide innovative training opportunities and mentoring for young leaders and involve family members in a wide range of social and service activities.  

International Awareness

With more than 1.2 million Rotarians in 35,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries, Rotarians gain an understanding and a better appreciation of humanitarian issues through international service projects and exchange programs.  One of Rotary’s highest objectives is to build goodwill and peace throughout the world.  

Fellowship and Giving

Rotary was founded on fellowship, an ideal that remains a major attraction of membership today.  Club members enjoy the camaraderie with like-minded professionals who value philanthropy as well as entrepreneurism. Club projects offer additional opportunities to develop enduring fellowship that supports the financial and philanthropic vision of the Club in alignment with a broader world vision of “service above self.”  Rotary conferences, conventions, assemblies, and business fellowship provides information, education, and resources to further service and philanthropic goals. 


While not a core focus, Rotarians are natural networkers. And because Rotarians are known for their high-level of ethics, Rotarians inevitably like to do business with other Rotarians. And since our club attempts to be representative of our community and have at least one member from every vocation, out of that comes diversity of our membership. This means that you should be able to easily do business with another member in our club, or in other Rotary clubs.  

Good Citizenship

Weekly Rotary club programs keep members informed about what is taking place in the community, nation, and world and motivate each member to make a difference through the contribution of their funds and resources.  

Ethical Environment

Encouraging high ethical standards in one’s profession and respect for all worthy vocations has been a hallmark of Rotary from its earliest days.  In their business and professional lives, Rotarians abide by The Four-Way Test:

Of the things we think, say or do:

  • 1) Is it the TRUTH?
  • 2) Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • 4) Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? 

Leadership Development

Rotary is an organization of successful professionals.  It enhances team building, fundraising, public speaking, planning, organization, and communication and leadership skills. These critical abilities are utilized within the Club to enhance the success of fund development efforts.  Becoming a Rotary Leader provides further experience in learning how to motivate, inspire, and guide others toward philanthropic goals. Our District and Zone offer higher level leadership training that we encourage each member to participate in. 

Diversity in Membership

Rotary’s classification system ensures that a club’s membership represents a variety of the community’s professional men and women, including leaders in business, industry, the arts, government, sports, the military, and religion.  Rotary clubs are nonpolitical, nonreligious, and open to all cultures, races, and creeds. 

Guiding Principles

Learn more about the Guiding Principles of Rotary by clicking HERE

Our Club’s Service Profile

Our Club’s goal is to make our local community better by providing assistance to those in need. Our local programs include student exchange programs, and other charitable projects, most notably, support for needed medical care for the uninsured through the Lake Norman Community Health Clinic. Other projects have supported returning veterans, low income school children, food for disadvantaged families and those out of work, minority support services and a host of other projects serving people around the world. Rotary support for clean water in Malawi, vocational training for impoverished women in Peru, hurricane relief in Haiti and Louisiana highlight the Rotary Club of Lake Norman – Huntersville’s philanthropic giving. In it’s ten plus years of existence the Rotary Club of Lake Norman – Huntersville has given more than $250,000 to worthy charitable organizations positively impacting thousands of children, youth and adults. 

Rotary is seeking Club members like you

The Rotary Club of Lake Norman – Huntersville is looking for leaders, givers, professionals to enhance its community philanthropic programs.

Your Path to Membership

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